The Angry VikingTherapist

 Today, I have the pleasure of bringing to you a gentleman who goes by the name the Angry Viking Therapist. You can find him under Dr. Trevor Wilkins on Instagram.

Dr. Trevor Wilkins is a licensed professional clinical counselor and he lives in Kentucky.  He specializes in symptoms related to trauma, depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. He works with us, this, this first responder community, the military community, high stress environments. 

He’s been one of us. He was a volunteer firefighter, he was an EMT,  and he was a law enforcement officer for 15 years….. including a good stint with Kentucky State Police.  He had his own shit go on in his life He switched gears, went back to school, got his master’s degree, started his own practice, and then went back to school again and got his doctorate.

He is a he’s a fascinating individual.  He works in what we call Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.  We get into that a little bit. It’s a pioneering form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It’s a little less, I don’t know, a little less forgiving in a way…..not as pretty. It forces you to kind of think about your reaction to  antecedents and how you can change your reaction to those….and it would change the outcome quite a bit for you.  As well as working with rational emotive behavior therapy, he’s also specializes in EMDR  We’ve talked about EMDR quite a bit and he, he makes some good points about how he works with the two and how one is more generalized one might be more specific.

It was a really good conversation with a fascinating individual. Who I hope to have back on the show and we’re going to talk about a few more things because we started to go down a tangent and it’s worth exploring.  So you guys  settle in, listen to Dr. Trevor Wilkins, the Angry Viking Therapist. Go enjoy your Thanksgiving.Enjoy your time with family. Enjoy your time with friends. Enjoy some time off from work, hopefully. And get out there and do something for yourselves.

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