Kevin E – Cali

This week I welcome Kevin Easley.

Kevin is out of San Diego City. He’s been he’s been a firefighter for 30 plus years He’s coming to the end of a career. I guess you could say an illustrious career, he’s seen a lot of things. He’s been through a number of traumatic events. He’s had victories and  he’s had losses quite frankly…..and he has learned how to deal with both of those.

He’s learned how to almost remake himself in some ways. He’s been a captain on a heavy rescue in San Diego city for the majority of his career. He’s a special operations guy through and through and we talked for about two hours. It was one of those conversations where I think we both just got lost in it and we probably could have talked for a little bit longer. But I had taken up enough of his time. Maybe he’ll come back on and share some more.


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