Charlie Collins – VA

Today’s guest is Charlie Collins. Charlie is a singer songwriter out of Northern Virginia who also happens to be a firefighter. He’s a firefighter in Loudoun County. He picked up the guitar recently as a way to recover and as a piece of therapy, actually.

And from there, between TikTok, YouTube, friends and co-workers, his stuff got out on the internet and he was picked up by a producer in Nashville, Actually the son of Roger Miller and some of you might know who Roger Miller is. He’s famous for the song King of the Road.

His son found Charlie and decided he was worth recording and I have to agree with him. So the result of that recording was the EP called Undisclosed and you’re going to hear some of the songs from that in today’s episode and you’re going to hear a couple of unreleased songs

This one was a good one. This was a fun one to do. There was a typical story of life and some traumas and some drama and then recovery. But there’s also five songs mixed in and it was a little tricky for me because it’s the first time I’ve recorded music along with a podcast.

So hopefully the quality treats you right. And, and you enjoy this show as much as I did.

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