Curtis – KY

Episode 91

Curtis reached out to me a while ago. He was in a bad spot and he wanted information. He wanted to know how he could get help if he was in a department that’s not union and he wanted to get into the Center of Excellence. He didn’t know how to do that and he and I went back and forth. He also went back and forth with the guys from Next Rung who run an amazing program there. If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out. They do amazing work. 

He and I went back and forth and I just off ered some support when I could and, and some guidance when I could. Luckily it worked out for him. He found his way into the Center of Excellence as you’ll hear in the show. 

A little background on Curtis. He’s 16 years in the fire service between EMT and actual fire. He sent me a note and he said he thought he could run from the anger. However, it followed him wherever he went.  He had to see he was in trouble and he didn’t do that until it was almost too late for him. As a number of my guests have said,  he just hopes that one person could get something out of this show, out of the podcast, out of his story.


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