AdamL – OH

Welcome to Episode 90 of The Things We All Carry. This week I sat down with Adam from Ohio. Adam’s been in the fire service a little bit over 10 years. He’s been active in the union and some of that has kind of come back and bit him in the ass a little bit. He’ll tell his side of that story and you kind of figure out why.

Adam’s a father and a husband. He has an addiction that we haven’t covered yet on this show. Food has been his drug of choice  and he finally got to the point where he had to say enough is enough and he had to make some physical changes. He had to make some emotional changes and he had to make some mental changes, strengthen somethings n himself. He’s done that and he’s made it an amazing transformation, not only. physically but emotionally and mentally as well. He is a strong person and I don’t mean that in only a physical sense, but he’s a strong person for what he’s done for himself and for what he’s done for his family. 


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