Stephanie – Five After Midnight

“Well behaved women rarely make history” 

Marilyn Monroe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Boleyn, even Princess Leia, you take your pick that line has been attributed to all four and more. Credit actually goes to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, an American professor 

Stephanie White is trying her best to make some history. Attempting to change a culture  requires you to step on toes and irritate the keepers of the status quo. From marijuana, to PFAS, to mental health, to pregnancy in the fire service, Stephanie is championing progression and change. Her voice can be heard on the 5 After Midnight podcast and  her writings can be found in Fire Engineering.

Stephanie and I spoke for a little over an hour last week. We had no planning and zero idea where this would take us. What follows is an off the cuff impromptu conversation between two voices riddled with thoughts, opinions, and ADHD. 

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