Ricky Nuttall – London


Ricky Nuttall is a London firefighter with one hell of a story. On June 14th, 2017, he was dispatched to a structure fire during the early morning hours. That fire turned out to be the deadliest fire in London since world war II. He joined over 250 other first responders to battle the blaze, a devastating blaze at Grenfell tower. Grenfell claimed the lives of 72 residents and injured over 70 more. 

Ricky shares his insights and his personal story of that night, as well as how it affected his mental health. Today, he uses that experience and his recovery in presentations to schools, fire departments, and prisons. Just to name a few. He is now a mental health advocate, focusing on raising awareness on the importance of social and workplace mental health and wellbeing. He’ll be the first to tell you that he suffered from PTSD after Grenville. He was forced to make decisions that night that altered his life. Add to that childhood trauma and various other service-related traumas it combined to throw his life into a tailspin. He survived his battle with some very serious demons and he is here today to tell the story of recovery.

Ricky coined the phrase, firefighters leave incidents, but incidents don’t leave us. In other words…..these are the things we all carry.  

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