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Maya Angelou wrote in “Letter to My Daughter”.


“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.”

No person sums this up better than Kathy Crosby-Bell in 2014, Kathy experienced a tragedy that no mother should be exposed to. Her son, Michael Kennedy was killed in the line of duty. Michael a Boston firefighter was riding engine 33 on March 26th, 2014. He and Lieutenant ed Walsh were first due to a wind-driven fire in the back bay area of Boston. That fire claimed both of their lives.

Kathy as a mother had every right to fall apart and have anger at the world.  In place of that. Kathy made it her goal to fight for the life safety of every firefighter. She founded the Last Call Foundation in Michael’s memory. Michael and Lieutenant Walsh died in part due to a failed firehose. They never got the water they called for multiple times.

Last Call started there…

 “Why isn’t there a burn proof hose for firefighters? “

That mission has now morphed into a battle with special interests and the NFPA. Kathy and Last Call have also expanded their interest into cancer detection, fighting PFAS, helping firefighters seek help for PTSD and offering grants for research in the realm of the fire service.

Because Kathy refused to be reduced by the tragedy of Michael’s death the entire fire service has and will benefit from her fight. I’m honored Kathy chose to share her story with me. She is a true inspiration and a testament to what we as humans can do when we harness our power and our tenacity.

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