Welcome to Episode 66 of The Things We All Carry. This is the second in a series of impromptu pop-up style interviews that I conducted a few weeks ago.  Chris and Dan joined me for a conversation from their firehouse in DC. 

32 Engine is based in Southeast DC. And Chris is the wagon driver. Dan is a Lieutenant as well as being a member of his department’s peer support team. Dana and I have interacted off and on via social media for a while now always seeming to almost cross paths. I appreciated the time to sit, have a conversation and at least put a voice to the name. 

The city was kind enough to give us an uninterrupted hour on a Saturday night. And I will tell you that Dan texted me the next morning to report they ended up running 20 calls that shift. Our conversation was unscripted and as impromptu as it gets. We hit on a variety of topics to include peer support, line of duty deaths, living and working in the chaos, and crew life. This audio will seem a little raw and I left it that way on purpose after all they were calling in from the bay of their firehouse while on shift. I felt that deserve to be heard that way.

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