Chris Torres FDNY/Next Rung/IGY6

Chris Torres is a firefighter with FDNY owner of IGY6 Fitness out of New York. He’s also a peer support counselor for Next Rung, as well as Vice President and board member of Next Rung. Chris was generous enough to spend about 90 minutes of his valuable time talking to me and sharing his story. 

He was born and raised in New York city. He also played collegiate baseball in New York city. And then he found his way to the fire department shortly after college. We discussed both his professional and personal journey along the way. In addition, we talk about his work in the fitness realm and how he is trying to lead prospective firefighters to success. 

Chris opens up about the how and why he found it got involved with Next Rung as well as the role he currently plays in that organization. Chris brings a passion to everything he does in life. And it tends to be infectious. He’s the kind of person who, after speaking with him inspires you to run head first into whatever brick wall may be in your path. 

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