Welcome to episode 64 of The Things We All Carry. I was doing some work for the show a couple of weeks ago, when an idea came to me. I had read about a pop-up farmer’s market and thought the idea could be applied to an interview. Instead of planning out a show by speaking to and interview a guest prior to recording, why not do an impromptu pop-up style interview. Go into an interview, not knowing what’s going to be said, not prepared and just have a conversation. The only question I had was who would want to do that? Who would want to give up an hour or so on a Saturday night to share their personal stories and, or traumas. 

Turns out when you ask people are more than willing to do just that. So I recorded two shows that Saturday and have a list of people interested in doing another round. Michelle was the first one to reach out to me after I posted. She and I have “spoken” a few times in the past via comments and messages on Instagram. So I knew a little of her life, but I knew nothing of what she shares in this episode.

Michelle is a call taker for 911 service in the Southeastern United States. She shared her stories of childhood, marriage, divorce, and trauma from her job. I had no idea what to expect from this off the cuff conversation, but it definitely didn’t disappoint. 

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