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Leadership and mental health are very separate, yet related issues in and around a firehouse. 

A good leader will have his or her finger on the pulse of a crew, have the ability to recognize ups and downs. Notice what is, and isn’t normal for someone. Foster an environment and an atmosphere that allows for a crew member to express issues and ask for help. A good leader can also help develop mental fitness and wellness in a proactive approach. A leader good, bad or indifferent can make or break a crew.

Lieutenant Mike Nasti is the creator and voice behind “Tip of the Spear Leadership Podcast”. Tip of the Spear is a podcast developed for and about leadership. This platform brings the wisdom of various leaders from around the fire service. They share their experience, both failures and successes so we all can learn from them. There’s no sugarcoating and no panacea offered just solid information from respected voices.

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