In episode 51, we sit down with Elijah Yetter-Bowman, founder of Ethereal Films, to discuss their latest film entitled “Burned”.

“Burned” is a powerful expose on the use of PFAS or “forever chemicals” in our turnout gear. As you’ll hear in our conversation, forever chemicals are everywhere, but the concentration levels in items meant to protect us are astounding and disturbing. Elijah’s work, along with others in the film, hopes to bring increased attention and drive the necessary changes.

Elijah’s path to becoming a filmmaker and problem solver is equally fascinating. Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, they attended UNC Chapel Hill originally to pursue a path in healthcare. Recognizing the lack of creative communication for complex issues, they founded Ethereal Films to help solve dire problems through storytelling and impact campaigns. Elijah’s expertise and work have received numerous awards, including the Southern Exposure Film Festival in 2021, and they were dubbed a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Beshear in 2022 for their efforts on PFAS awareness.

Join us on The Things We All Carry to hear Elijah’s story and learn more about the important work they’re doing to drive change. Listen to our podcast on all major platforms.

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