Rob is one of the founders and the CEO of 62 Romeo. Rob is a former Navy seal turned entrepreneur. He served eight years in the Navy and was deployed twice as a Navy seal. His SEAL career ended in retirement due to a back injury. As with any veteran, Rob had a few hidden injuries as well to include PTSD, traumatic brain injury, obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia.

In 2017, Rob lost a platoon mate to suicide. This young man had struggled for years with sleep disorders and at the time of the suicide had been awake for five days. This was the impetus to Rob’s decision to dive into sleep science. He has since then dedicated himself to the endeavor of solving the bi-directional relationship between sleep and mental health. As firefighters, first responders and shift workers, we are all affected by this issue. Middle of the night calls, poor sleep habits, anticipatory sleep, irregular, sleep patterns. You name it. We have it. We also have alarming rates of mental health issues and suicide. Rob’s company and research sets out to tackle this issue with science and education, and they want to do it with you. Not paying a dime. , reach out to Rob at 62 and applied to be in a cohort today, it might just save your life. 

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