Charlie from Ten Eight

 In the world of Instagram and social media, memes are a currency of sort. Some pages, like this week’s guest TenEight_Memes, just get it and they thrive. Agree or disagree with what Charlie has to say, his memes are still going to entertain you or they’re going to provoke you. And that’s exactly how this medium should be used, make ’em think, or make ’em laugh. 

In his own words from his website, “In a time where police is a dirty word, the Ten. Eight podcast aims to shine lights on the police world to those, not in it and provide some light and humor to those who serve.”

To that end Ten Eight and The Things We All Carry have a very similar goal. I want people outside of our community to know the struggles and trauma we experienced as well as to inform those of us inside the community. Much respect to Charlie for his work and the goals you set for his  future. 

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